Frequently asks questions 

Q: This guitar must be really heavy because it's made of concrete?

A: No, our Model 1.0 weighs 3.4 - 3.6 kg. That's a standard weight of an electric guitar.

Q: But that's impossible, concrete is much heavier!?

A: No, it is not impossible. Firstly, we use a specially developed high performance concrete combined with a corresponding lightweight construction. Secondly, this guitar is reinforced with carbon fibre / carbon fibre reinforced polymers, so the body can be much thinner compared to standard concrete and will not crack under normal stress.

Q: Ok, but a guitar body made of concrete must sound really bad because it's not made of wood!

A: Have you ever heard of a lithophone? Stone or other mineral materials such as concrete can also vibrate very well. Our concrete is reinforced with carbon fibres in two fibre directions (0°, 90°) and the material is also extremely homogeneous compared to "grown" wood with only one skewed fibre direction. This, and the higher density of the concrete combined with the ultra-high stiffness of the carbon fibres, allows for high sustain and vibration. Each guitar body is meticulously hand-cast and is unique in appearance, including an individual grain structure on the back.

Q: And what are the holes in the body for?

A: These carbon fibre tubes illustrate the lightweight construction of the guitar (and also save a few grams of weight), aid the manufacturing process and are our signature design element.

Q: How long did it take to develop the guitar?

A: It took us three long years and a lot of money to make the first guitar as light as a wooden guitar. The main problem is that the long neck of the guitar is perfect to exert high bending and tensile stress on the concrete body. And concrete just hates tensile stress and cracks immediately.

Q: Do you have a patent for this guitar?

A: We started a patent application ("zum Patent angemeldet") in Germany (DE102022130586A1).

Q: Ok, but finally... why should I buy this guitar instead of a electric guitar made of wood?

A: Because this guitar is simply amazing. It's time to add something truly outstanding to your guitar collection.